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Saturday, December 26, 2009

I wonder...

The Christmas visit to our extended family is almost over and tomorrow we'll be journeying back to the Austin area. If we're not careful, we'll also begin resuming our "regular" lives.

What a shame that might be. We've spent several weeks preparing to spend quality time with those we love. We've reflected on our spiritual life, blessings, and served those less fortunate. In short, we've filled our lives with more important things, if only briefly.

I previously posted some thoughts regarding our thought life. What we consume shapes our thoughts, attitudes, and ultimately our actions. In the afterglow of Christmas, I've already endured more "cable news" than I can stand - a constant stream of hate, fear, and bad news. I wonder what next year would feel like if we just chose not to buy-in to this madness? What if we turned the tube off more often and read more? Not just more stuff, but intentional, edifying material? Is it possible that that feeding would result in more positive outcomes on several fronts?

In an effort to stay informed, we can easily get sucked-in to feeding on the madness, allowing it in turn to feed upon us.

Please join me in a concerted effort to make 2010 a more fruitful year, beginning with what we dwell upon.

Blessings my friends,


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